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We know how hard it is to choose a candle based on a written description. Now you can choose 5 scents and we’ll send you a sample of each with free shipping! Smell them, burn them, live with them for a bit. No sign up, no strings attached!


Wait! There’s more!You'll also get a credit equaling the cost of the SAMPLE KIT towards your next purchase of a full product!

Choose ONE 4 oz candle tin and FOUR 1 oz. tea light candle tins.  Receive a $15 credit toward your next full size product.

FREE shipping!****


Please note: Our sample candles are a fraction of the size of our full-sized candles and will not have the same scent throw. They can scent smaller spaces like bathrooms or small offices, but will not fully fragrance large rooms.


**Sample Kits are excluded from ALL storewide sales. The $15 credit cannot be combined with any other discount including additional SampleKit $15 credits.


***Free shipping only applies when the Sample Kit is the only item in your cart.


One Sample Kit per household.